Here’s some common questions about my illustration and design. Contact me for a quote on illustration, or follow me on Instagram for more.

What media do you work in?

It varies — I enjoy working in both traditional and digital media. It really depends on the project. Typically, I will use gouche as pen and ink techniques combined with Photoshop, Illustrator or Procreate. I enjoy trying new pens and paper, but I’m not one to latch on to the latest fad when it comes to materials.

How much do you charge?

Different rates for different projects. If CocaCola calls me and wants me to do some campaign work, I am not going to charge them the same thing I charged you for your wedding announcement. Your best bet is to contact me and tell me about the project in as much detail as possible so I can offer you a fair price for my work.

Do you do caricatures?

Not really — caricature artists have a really specific skill set and it’s not my thing. My style is not cartoony or comical. However, I can and will do editorial portraits or personality profiles.

What’s your process like?

When you contact me I will provide a quote (usually within a few hours), or contact you back to find out more information. Sometimes I have questions that better enable me to prepare for the work and make sure I have enough time to deliver what you’re looking for.  Some clients want to see sketches, others only want to see a final comp before approval, so this is the kind of thing we should agree on up front. Other terms to consider include ownership of original art, necessary file format, and any licensing or royalties. If you have a contract or work-for-hire agreement I will look it over. If you don’t have one, we can use my standard work agreement.


How fast do you work?

Pretty quickly. For small jobs a 5-7 day window is usually more than enough. It all depends on your deadline.

What other kind of work do you do?

I’m a skilled graphic designer with over 15 years experience, but illustation is my passion and what I love the most.  I still take design work, though.